Is SL a game?

If SL is a game, what is my score and how do I win?

No, SL and other grids in the metaverse are a highly customizable, interactive, 3 dimensional platform for communication and creativity.

In games, especially MMOs, you do quests and gain levels. You kill, kill, kill. You have endgame scenarios. You run dungeons and instances. You PVP. You have a toon, not an avatar. You have virtually no control over the world around you. You are limited by the assets that the devs place within the world.

In SL and comparable virtual worlds you………do pretty much anything your mind can conceive of. You can create your own world, make and spend real money, and do a nearly infinite list of things. The only real limit is your imagination.

It’s true, as a game, SL flat out sucks.

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