SL loses 849 sims in 8 weeks.

According to Gridology on August 22, 2012, SL has lost 849 private region sims between 6/24 and 8/19.

This is far from the first sim loss for SL. It has actually been happening for awhile. It is happening at a faster, more noticeable rate now.

In desperate moves to bring new residents to SL, LL is gamifying SL. The upcoming addition of SL to the Steam network may well bring a temporay influx of new people in, but it won’t last. Steam users are gamers. SL is not a game. Gamers despise lag. SL oozes lag. Gamers like uber graphics. SL graphics are mediocre at the very best. Gamers pay $15 a month for all you can eat access. SL nickel and dimes you.

Rod Humble wants to turn SL into an MMO. I’ve been playing MMOs for 14 years. SL will never be an MMO. It can’t be. It wasn’t built that way.

SL will be much worse in 6 months.

It’s no surprise that growth is exploding on OpenSim-based grids.

Why pay $300 a month for something, when you can get something better for $0-$75 a month?

Fortunately, there are very solid grids picking up where SL has repeatedly dropped the ball. Disenchanted residents are beginning to explore these grids and finding that the grass is indeed greener on the other side, even if said grass isn’t fully grown just yet.

Personally, I enjoy InWorldz. I also like the pure freedom of OsGrid. There are many to explore and many are worth more than a 10 minute once over.

I’m sure I sound like an SL and LL hater. I’m not. Quite the opposite. I met my RL wife in SL. It’s a special place for us.

I’m just disgusted by its free fall into the pixel abyss.

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